Permanent makeup


Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

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What to expect from your permanent makeup treatment

Firstly you will receive a free consultation before we carry out your treatment.

During the consultation we will discuss:

  • What you want to achieve and if it’s possible
  • How you could benefit from the treatment
  • We draw the treatment on you so you can see how it would look
  • Once we know we have the perfect shape then we colour match you using our advanced range of colours, whilst taking into account your skin type and tone
  • We then run through a medical questionnaire to make sure it would heal right on you
  • Finally we patch test you

You will then have all the information to be able to go away and decide if it’s right for you.

What you can expect on the day of your treatment

We book out a decent amount of time because let’s face it perfection can not be rushed!

We will then:

  • Explain what you can expect from the treatment
  • Draw on the template we will follow
  • Complete the treatment
  • Book your FREE 6-8 week top up in allowing me to then check the healed result to make sure it’s perfect or make any necessary tweaks to the shape/colour. Giving you a nice little safety net to know the treatment isn’t finished until both you and I are happy

You will have our personal contact numbers meaning you can contact us throughout your treatment process.

Permanent eyebrows

How about a beautiful set of smudge proof eyebrows that stay looking great all day, what ever the weather? Permanent eyebrows will enhance your appearance and can make you look more youthful.

Once you have them you could never imagine life without them.

Permanent eyeliner

Would you love to wake up with fresh, elegant looking eyes? Permanent eyeliner will define your eyes, give the appearance of fuller lashes and make your eyes stand out. This designer liner will be the ultimate makeup routine time saver, you will never look back.

Permanent lips

What if you could make your lips look fuller without the need for lip fillers? Your permanent lip treatment will help you to achieve that perfect pout by restoring colour and contour to your lips. Whether you have uneven, thin or pale lips this treatment will give you a natural enhancement which will make you smile all day long.



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