So I’ve finally attended the amazing, game changing eyeliner course that I’ve been going on about for the last few months and guess what? It was amazing and game changing. The course started with a long 4 and a half hour drive to Leeds, luckily enough I travelled up the night before to ensure I was rested and ready for the day ahead (especially important with this bump growing so quick). The course was hosted by the fabulous dream team Miriam Grice and Courtney Stevens. It was clear to see straight away why they both produce such great eyeliners, the passion for this treatment just oozes out of them. Day 1 started with Miriam and her crisp Latino technique. We watched Miriam complete this technique on a live model and just wow what beautiful results, pure perfection. Next was my practice time. Although it took a little getting use to, Miriam works very logical and segmental giving a great structure to follow so much so that later that day I was able to perform this technique on my very own model. Day 2 was Courtney’s day, learning the sultry smokey eyeliner. This style was not as structured and a bit more free style which was scary but actually there were no boundaries and who doesn’t like being rebellious at times??? Again after some theory work I was able to watch the ‘smokey queen’ do her thing on a live model and once again I was blown away by how gorgeous this eyeliner is in real life. I practised what I had learnt and then I was ready to complete this technique on my own model. I was so surprised with how I was able to perform both techniques without help on my own live models, obviously it’s going to take practice to become as good as both Courtney and Miriam but I’m so excited to add these styles to my treatment range and to offer even more great permanent makeup results. I mean who wouldn’t want long lasting, beautifully created eyeliner that wont smudge and will stay looking on point all day, every day???

You would benefit from this treatment if.. ?

– You suffer from smudged eyeliner due to conditions like hay fever
– Struggle to apply eyeliner
– Cant/don’t like to wear makeup
– You are a busy mums who doesn’t have time to apply makeup
– Want to enhance your eye shape and colour
– Go to the Gym/play sports
– Have Allergies/sensitive to makeup
– Have sparse or fine lashes
– Long for beautifully applied eyeliner

I offer free tailored consultations which is a great way for you to find out more information and whether the treatment is right for you.

I would like to finish by saying a massive thank you to all the girls that attended the course, they were all so welcoming and supportive and of course to Miriam and Courtney for sharing all their secrets/ tips and encouragement throughout the course and for their ongoing support there after.

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