So here we are testing how self motivated we really are.

Whether you’re trying to set a school timetable week upon week, working from home, planning your finances or even just be bothered to actually get out of your pyjamas and get ready for the day ahead, it is hard! As the weeks go on it’s only getting harder!

I’ve always been someone that looks for the good in everything and everyone which can be my downfall sometimes but hey that’s my mechanics. In times like this I’m happy that I’m made up this way. It’s made me do three very important things: 1, spend quality time on the business and 2 spend quality time with my family and lastly the thing I very rarely do 3, spend time on ME!

So what have I been up to I hear you ask?  Well it started with a rota, a rota of things I was going to do everyday. Something to follow and to give me purpose. It’s starts with setting my alarm in the morning and goes something like this:

7.30, WAKE UP

8am, breakfast as a family

8.45, exercise (what type is normally already decided)

By 10am shower, makeup, hair all done. Ready to start work!

10am-12pm, I have a list of work duties to complete. I take myself away from my family so I’m not disturbed.

12-1pm, I have lunch with my family

1pm-2pm, I go back to work for a power hour

2pm, I finish work

2pm – 4pm, Is my time one on one with my son. We play, dance, sing nursery rhymes and go for a walk, well I push him in his trike. My partner Sean who also works for the business then has his time to work on his part of the business 2pm-5pm.

At 5pm we have dinner together as a family.

After that the bed time routine starts for Alfie and then Sean and I get chill time.

We go to sleep at a reasonable time, no later than 11.30pm

We only watch the the news once a day and that’s the Downing Street update and that’s it as I don’t find the news great for my mindset.

I think it’s important to own your mind!

So am I worried about money? Yes

Do I worry about rebuilding the business? Yes

Am I worried about my family and friends getting sick? Yes

I was even worried about whether our Prime Minster was going to pull through but I have this switch in my brain that I can just turn off which then allows me to only focus on things that are in my control!

With all this being said, I don’t get annoyed at people that are negative, get down or see only doom and gloom as it must be really hard being that way I’m just lucky I have my ‘switch’.

I’m actually loving my ‘ME’ time, I’m getting a chance to do all the things I use to do before running my own business and having a child took over. I’ve done things like facemasks, fake tan, hair masks and exercise. I actually think I might be one of the only people that will come out of lockdown looking better than when I went in and it’s made me realise I do actually have time for these sorts of things.. I just kinda forgot they existed.

So I’m going to finish with saying a big two fingers up to COVID-19, I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I’ll see you on the other side!

Nadia x

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