My names Nadia and I’m a 31 year old, creative and articulate bubbly person. This is a photo of my best buddies and I (I’m the brunette at the front). I live with my younger brother who I love to boss around and my old boy cat called Rocky.

In my earlier years I found school quite boring and only really enjoyed the creative subjects. I started working from a young age in a cafe, long hours for minimal pay but I loved that I was earning my own money and the responsibility that came with it. By the time I was 21 I was working in a bank and I was quickly promoted to branch manager, this job was my world I was award winning and enjoyed motivating and inspiring my team. Although I loved working at the bank my true passion was makeup, I couldn’t help but feel like I should of gone to college and learnt makeup but I had missed that boat.

Around 5 years ago I made the decision to have my own permanent makeup eyebrow treatment, my eyebrows were very thin and misshaped due to over plucking and I was constantly filling them in. On the day of the treatment I was very nervous, what if I don’t like them? What if they looked fake? What if it hurts? I find there are usually two reactions when people first look in the mirror after having a permanent makeup treatment
1) People love it and feel the colour is perfect. Which is great but the colour will soften when it heals so I know straight away it’s most likely that they’ll want to go darker at their free top up 6-8 weeks later.
2) People can be totally shocked and think the colours too dark, but as the colour always lightens during the healing process the colour ends up perfect, in which case the free top up will be used for tweaks to the shape, if needed.
When I first looked at them I reacted like the latter and thought ‘what have I done?’, however, once they had healed I was in love with them. I then become obsessed with permanent makeup and the difference it made to my life. Now I literally do nothing to my my brows, but pluck the hairs outside the border. I save 15 minutes every morning in my makeup routine and love that no matter the weather my brows always look amazing. At this point I had been at the bank for around 6 years and I decided Permanent makeup was going to be my new hobby!

I did lots of research to find a reputable and suitable trainer and then I decided to use a massive chunk of my savings to learn on a complete one on one basis. Once qualified I was working all hours as I just loved my new hobby! It got to the stage that I started to struggle to fit people in and was working till 10pm, 7 days a week. Although I loved my bank job have you ever tried to give 100% to two things at the same time? It’s near on impossible so I took the plunge in November last year to leave my secure, employed job to carry out my dream as a full time, permanent makeup artist and I’m pleased to say I have never looked back. Dreams do come true, but only if you’re prepared to go out there and grab them

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