One of the most popular questions I’m often asked is ‘how long will my treatment last?’ Well quite honestly I don’t exactly know! The reason why this question is hard to answer is because everybody’s skin, life styles and skincare routines are different. One thing I can tell you is that it is a form of tattooing so ink will always be in the skin but the colour will just fade gradually over time and at which rate is down to the factors I have mentioned above. So lets go through these to give you a better understanding.

Skin – There are many different skin types and skin conditions and to list every type of skin and condition I would need to be a dermatologist however a great example of how it can make a difference is if you think about the difference between oily and dry skin. Excess oil in the skin is great for slowing down the signs of aging but can cause acne which is challenging to manage. For this skin type ink will fade quicker as the ink doesn’t hold well because of the oils however, when completing the treatment I find the ink glides in well and heals lovely. You will expect to need a top up done sooner than someone with dry skin. People with dry skin will tend to need less frequent top ups as the skin will suck up the ink quickly. However be careful as this skin type can age quicker also causing the pigment to fade, so a good skin care routine is a must with this type of skin.

Skincare routine – What’s that I hear some of you ask? Unfortunately I was somebody who didn’t adopt a routine until my mid 20’s as I had severe acne and thought if I just dried my skin out this would hopefully stop it, oh how wrong I was but thats a story for another time. A skin care routine is maintenance for your skin to keep it healthy and younger looking. You need to ensure you are using the correct types of products for your skin and be aware products that contain retinol A and harsh exfoliation will make them fade quicker.

Life Style – Smoking, the sun, sun beds, and certain medications call all effect how vibrant your permanent makeup will stay. In a perfect world we wouldn’t smoke, hide from the sun and never take any medications, but we don’t live in a perfect world and things like boycotting medication to keep your brows perfect, although tempting, is just a step too far. You can however take precautions like covering your face with a hat whilst in the sun (Now thats where the above image comes in and yes there is a man hanging on my sunglasses, I was on a hen do and I’ll say no more) makes all the difference and also stops those dreaded wrinkles. But hey this is your money and your face, all I can do is advise you the best way to keep your treatment stronger for longer. Top ups can be completed to make the colour more vibrant again.

Lastly to finish off, Sean and I are expecting a baby. I’m so thrilled as this will be our first child and we are so excited to be parents. Baby Niven is due around Valentine’s Day, don’t worry I only plan to have 2-4 weeks off and will manage new appointments and top ups around this.

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