“Worried they’d look like slugs”

“I’d always wanted my brows done but I was worried that they would look like slugs. On the day of my first treatment Nadia spent lots of time finding out what I wanted shape wise and took her time to draw the perfect shape for me, she also listened to my suggestions and made any necessary tweaks. When the shape is first drawn it can look a little too big but Nadia explained it would shrink as she will be working inside the lines and all the outlining will be soft and airy when it’s healed, she also showed me a photo of her work that backed this up. After the treatment was completed I anxiously looked in the mirror and to my surprise I finally had amazing brows!!! They didn’t look like slugs and I couldn’t stop staring at them. Nadia then explained the aftercare which is very minimal and doesn’t involve having to put Vaseline on them like I have seen other people do. I’m so so happy Nadia is very good at what she does.”

“Worried about it hurting”

“I consider myself to have a medium pain threshold but was was worried about it hurting. Nadia explained she would be using an acupuncture needle which is gentle on the skin. When it starts you feel like a light scratchiness (I quite like it) and then once the numbing cream is applied I didn’t feel a thing! Nadia is very gentle with her wiping too and I found the overall experience rather relaxing, in fact I actually fell asleep. Don’t let the pain put you off having wonderful brows.”

“Brows that look like tattoos”

“I’ve always loved the concept of permanent makeup but always been put off as I’d seen people walking around with brows that looked like they’d been tattooed and I didn’t want that look. Its the first thing I said to Nadia and she explained that the eyebrow colour would be built up over two sessions and that the first session is to get a shape in and see how the pigment heals in my skin and that she always goes cautious with how much colour she uses on this session to allow me to get use to the shape etc and then she can make them darker at the next session if need be and she was absolutely right. Nadia was very informative throughout and reassuring to a scaredy cat like me!”

“The biggest thing holding me back was price”

“I had been stalking Nadia’s page for over a year before I finally decided to get my brows done. The biggest thing holding me back was the price, I had seen that other people offered permanent makeup cheaper but I hadn’t liked their work much so I thought I would book a consultation with Nadia to find out more. Straight away Nadia was very welcoming and I could see she had a nice, clean environment situated in a friendly salon. Nadia explained what she offered and the products she used, she was extremely knowledgeable answering all my questions. I got to see some real life healed results from some girls in the salon which gave me great confidence in Nadia’s work. I left with a great gut feeling and thought you always get what you pay for so I decided to wait and save so I could book in with Nadia. I’m so glad I did as I now have beautiful brows! Please don’t just go for the cheapest option, price reflects the products used and results you will get.”

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